Introducing the SPI Scrap Metal Tender Portal and Learn How to Use

Vendor Approval Workflow


Prior to the submission, make avail of the following documents

Click on the following link to E-Portal to submit the vendor information for approval

For metal scrap collection vendors in Singapore

Post Submission 

1. Keep record of the submission receipt.

2. SPI Material / Procurement department will evaluate the submission details and respond with the Approval outcome within 3 working days

3. Approved vendor shall be given a unique registration code for participating in the bidding process 

1. E-copy of the company ACRA Information

2. E-copy of license issued under the Environmental Public Health Act (Cap 95)

For Vendors In Singapore

Bid Submission Guideline and Terms & Conditions


Disclaimer: All tender bidders shall adhere strictly to the terms and conditions specified herein. By submitting the bids, Vendor acknowledges that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions. Swiss Precision Industries Pte Ltd. reserves the right to terminate the contract if  vendor violates or fails to comply with any of the terms specified herein during contract period within 7 days of notice.

Bidding Instruction 

1. Bidders must fill up the standard form. The form can be found on the Tender/Bid page



2. The duly completed form must be endorsed with the tender's company stamp.

3. Bidders must submit the form through the Tender Bid submission portal before the closing date / time.

4. No submission after the closing date / time will be eligible for tender awarding 

Ready to submit? 

Payment Instruction ( For Successful Bidder)

1. Payment must be made to SPI with cross cheque made payable to Swiss Precision Industries Pte Ltd.

After receiving our invoice. Cheque must be handed to the Finance department personally. 

2. Payments made through bank must be made within 2 working days upon receiving our official invoice. Banking details are as follow: 

Bank: United Overseas Bank Ltd

Address: UOB Jurong Point Branch

1 Jurong West Central 2

#01-16C Jurong Point Shopping Centre, SIngapore 648886

Current Account No: 917-343-714-1

Bank Code: 7375

Swiftcode: UOVBSGSG

Acount name: Swiss Precision Industries Pte Ltd

Disposal and Environment ( For Successful Bidder)

1. All finished or semi-finished parts must be crushed before salvaging the scrap materials. 

2. Resale of finished or semi-finish parts in the market is not permitted.

3. Legal action will be taken against vendors or contractors if found guilty of breach of contract. 

4. In line with Swiss Precision's Environmental Policy: to eliminate the usage of Environmental Hazardous Substance (EHS), all contractors must comply in accordance with Singapore Government regulations. 

Collection Instruction ( For Successful Bidder)

1.The tender is valid for a period of 3 months.

2. The successful bidder must provide a material handler, stationed at SPI during the contractual period, working time to be close to SPI's working time for 2 shifts.

3. Bidder must also provide bins and waste bags for collection.

4. During the contractual period, the material handler must observe good house keeping at the scrap yard.

6. Any damage on SPI's properties due to negligence will be borne by the vendor.

7. Material handler must handle the scraps properly and correctly put into the designated bin or waste bag. Any scraps found in the wrong bin/waste bag will require re-sorting by the vendor.

8. Scrap collection will be carried out fortnightly. You will be advised one day in adance on the collection date / time by our store supervisor. However, Scrap vendor will be required to do additional collection as and when requested by SPI in view of space constraint.

9. The vendor must provide sufficient manpower and equipment (forklift and weighing scale) for collection of scraps.

10 The vendor is responsible for lifting and loading of scraps onto their vehicle.

11. The vendor is responsible to clean and tidy up the scrap yard after each collection. 

12. All scrap weighing done by the vendor must be witnessed by SPI's store supervisor and representative from the Account Department during collection.