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Introducing the SPI Scrap Metal Tender Portal and Learn How to Use

Vendor Approval Workflow - 


Prior to the submission, make avail of the following documents

Click on the following link to E-Portal to submit the vendor information for approval


Post Submission 
Vendor Approval Procedue for Shanghai.PN

1. Keep record of the submission receipt.

2. SPI Material / Procurement department will evaluate the submission details and respond with the Approval outcome within 3 working days

3. Approved vendor shall be given a unique registration code for participating in the bidding process 

1. E-copy of the company's Business Registration Certificate (营业执照)

2. E-copy of license issued for Clean Production Audit Certificate (清洁生产审核证书)

3. E-copy of Signed Terms & Conditions sheet (签字的条款同意书)


Bid Submission Guideline and Terms & Conditions


Disclaimer: All tender bidders shall adhere strictly to the terms and conditions specified herein. By submitting the bids, Vendor acknowledges that you have read and agreed to the terms and conditions. If the supplier violates or fails to comply with the below terms during the contract period, Swiss Precision Component Manufacturing (Shanghai) Co.,Ltd (SPCM). reserves the right to terminate the contract and claim for subsequent compensation.

Bidding Instruction 

  1. Only approved Vendor shall participate in any bidding process. Upon registration and successfully approved, Vendor shall be given a unique company registration code.

  2. To participate in Tenders, a tender-specific access code shall be given to the approved vendor prior to opening of the tender.

  3. The bidders shall only submit the bid electronically through the Tender Bid submission portal.

  4. No submission after the closing date / time will be eligible for tender awarding.

   Ready to submit? 

Payment Instruction ( For Successful Bidder)
  1. Prior to the collection of scrap metal, 90% advance payment is required; the payment method shall only be through bank transfer between the company accounts, no transfer from private account to company account, or from private account to private account shall be allowed.

  2. Payments made through the bank must be paid within 2 working days of receipt of our official invoice.

  3. Bank information is as follows:                                            


银行账号: 440 359 221 031


银行地址:中国上海市闵行区莘建路256号  TEL:86-21-6488 9988


Bank Code: 104290025019

Collection Instruction ( For Successful Bidder)
  1. The bid price shall be valid for one month.

  2. The bidder shall provide scrap collection bags or purchase the bags from SPCM for metal scrap collection.

  3. The loss and damages of SPCM’s assets and properties caused by the negligence of the Vendor shall be borne by the Vendor.

  4. Scrap collection shall be based on actual quantities.  SPCM shall notify the vendor two days in advance if the actual scrap quantity exceeds 10 tons.

  5. The Vendor shall provide the equipment (forklift, weighing machine) for collecting the scrap.

  6. After each scrap collection, the supplier is responsible for cleaning the yard and ensure proper housekeeping.

  7. All scrap weighing and collection process shall be accompanied, witnessed and verified by SPCM warehouse and finance personnel to avoid disputes on the weight variance of the metal scraps collected.  

Disposal and Environment ( For Successful Bidder)
  1. All finished or semi-finished parts must be crushed before salvaging the scrap materials.

  2. It is not permitted to resell finished or semi-finished products in the market.

  3. If the Vendor breaches the contract, legal action shall be taken against the Vendor

  4. The Vendor shall declare to SPCM that it has the relevant certificate and qualifications for the recycling and recovery of the general solid waste of SPCM, and has provided a copy of the relevant qualification and certificate to SPCM.

  5. The Vendor shall inform SPCM of the disposal and quantity of SPCM metal scraps in batches, and shall not dispose of metal scraps in violation of pertinent laws and regulations.

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